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Check out this PAX trailer for Adhesive Games’ upcoming title Hawken.

Looking around their website, it looks like the game will be MP only.

No release date yet, but seems to have some very promising qualities.

For those who didn’t know.

About two weeks ago the Ultimate Fighting Championship reported that Martin Kampmann is set to fight Rick Story in November.

Coming off two extremely questionable decision losses and a canceled fight due to injury, Martin Kampmann must be about ready to some wind in the sails.

I wish him all the best while impatiently awaiting UFC 139 on November 19th.

The Steam Holiday Sale has started.

Go save yourself a lot of money by spending them.

I’m already in financial ruin from all the money I saved. Go buy their shit!

So put away your poking sticks and let the paramedics work.

In this particular case the paramedics are GamersFirst. Last month a subsidiary of GamersFirst bought the IP rights for crashed-and-burning MMO Shooter All Points Bulletin. The game will be relaunched as APB Reloaded. Looking around for information about this resurrected title, it becomes clear that many former APB players believe the problems suffered py the original game will be taken care of after relaunch. GamersFirst vows to do more about balancing, cheaters and matching system. Wether the game can actually be fixed, and if so, without being neutered remains to be seen.

Second up we have the slightly newer old news about PlanetSide Next. SOE president John Smedley has written a blog post about what this title means to him.

As a PlanetSide player(Yup I still play the old game :D) I must say that this is great news. For a while there were strong hints that something was brewing but wether or not PlanetSide Next was actually a title being worked on was not entirely certain. It now seems completely certain that PlanetSide Next is happening. The game is rumored to be released early Q2 2011 and closed beta testing is suspected to begin in Q1.

According to MMAJunkie Martin Kampmann is fighting Diego Sanchez in March 2011

Great matchup imo. Certainly competitive and with a great couple of fighters.


From the high speed car crash that is APB

According to Massively and RPS, Electronic Arts are giving out compensation for “cheating” us out of our money with APB.

While it’s hardly EA’s fault, when they’re just publishing, but it still seems like a good move.

The links above point to Massively and RPS’ All Points Bulletin categories. If you haven’t read up on the story about how APB crashed and burned, you may want to. It’s a sad story about how even the sharpest tool in the shed, doesn’t always cut it.

Glimpse Dog has a bunch of gameplay vids from TERA

Find all five of them here.

You may or may not know that Gamescom is going on in Cologne these days.

There’s a new TERA trailer out for Gamescom 2010 and here it is.

The voice acting has most people throwing up in their mouthes a little. The best description I’ve heard so far is: “terribad.” I actually recommend the version with the German voice over, but you’ll have to find that yourself.

As a side note, Hardline will not be forming a TERA guild as previously stated. For guild purposes visit

Anyways, a trailer is a trailer and that’s more than nothing. TERA is set for release early 2011

Old news too o_O

Massively has some rumors about Atari’s NWN MMO. Albeit very inconclusive. I guess that’s what makes it rumors.

Jake Shields has reportedly signed with the UFC and according to MMAJunkie he is fighting Martin Kampmann in October.

While many people had been guessing that it would be Kampmann and Hardy at UFC 120, this matchup is not at all disappointing, and the outcome very relevant. I can’t find any confirmation from Kampmann’s camp, but the news seem legit.

For more posts about Martin Kampmann, check out the MMA category.


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